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The experimental version of Thunderbird with the latest updates


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Mozilla Thunderbird is an application that manages emails and sends news alerts.

Even though Mozilla launches its applications through a stable channel, it is possible to download a version from its client with the latest updates to be introduced in the final version. This means that you can be among the first to see what's new, and provide feedback to its creators.

Just like with the stable versions of Thunderbird, Mozilla Earlybird's client possesses a lot of the characteristics that speed up access and streamlines how you can manage your email. This is thanks to its compatibility with Gmail, Exchange and other email programs, RSS newsreader, security filters, tags and tab organization.

A positive result of this organization is that it allows users to load their messages in different tabs, so that switching between them is easy. When you close the application, these visible tabs will be saved and restored whenever you want to see them.

One of Thunderbirds advantages is privacy. This tool stores your personal information on your local hard disk. In addition, if you use the IMAP protocol to access your email, you can store your messages on the corresponding server.

In short, this is a very complete and easy-to-use email manager.

Thunderbird provides neither email addresses nor a program for sending emails.

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